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What’s your name and where do you come from?

Breed and upbringing

William Dyer pay close attention to the welfare standards of the fresh British meat they offer. Robert's 40 years of experience in butchery and with his wealth of knowledge in cooking ensures only the best cuts of meat for his customers. Traditional breeds, reared naturally also give the required consistent flavour. Robert chooses fresh free range lamb and beef from farms he visits in Scotland, free range Gloucester Old Spot pork from Kent and free range Label Anglais chicken.


Scottish Beef - 'from the land where crystal clear water enters the peaty burns'. Robert has chosen MacDuff Beef to supply all his top quality grass-fed beef. He has rejected intensive farming techniques and instead wants his customers to know the true taste of slow-grown, traditionally hung and matured beef from this family of Scottish farms, which he regularly visits personally.


Traditional British breeds and carefully chosen and trusted suppliers are the key to the delicious, fresh lamb available at William Dyer. Robert's 40 years of experience in butchery has taught him that the best early Sping lamb comes from the nearby South Downs, with the Scottish lamb season peaking later, giving year-round, tender lamb to the butchers willing to seek it out!


Robert is proud to bring happy, free-range pork to your table direct from Kent. Gloucester Old Spot are a rare breed renowned for their delicious crackling and the veins of fat running through many cuts endow moisture, a depth of flavour and a succulent, melting texture. The breed is experiencing a renaissance due to butchers like Robert valuing it's unique flavour.


Only naturally slow-grown, Free Range Label Anglais chicken is good enough for Robert. Supporting independent British farmers who pride themselves on outstanding welfare standards is important to William Dyer. In return they receive a reliable supply of succulent birds with old fashioned flavour, fed on apples, oats and cereals and raised in a low density, clean and happy outdoor environment.

Freshly prepared

Incorporating only top quality cuts of meat, Robert uses his wealth of knowledge in butchery and cooking to craft beautifully creative food for you to take home and cook. From Rosettes of Chicken to Lamb Guard of Honour or simply cut thick steaks, Robert is ready to butcher to your personal specifications and to advise you so that you attain perfect results every time.